remctl 1.10

Nothing particularly earth-shattering, but I rewrote all of the error handling to use the message library that I put together for INN and that makes everything so much nicer. This was the first step towards breaking the client pieces out into a separate library, although more work will be needed. While I was at it, I also gave both programs real option handling.

One interesting thing: after a discussion on debian-devel about unnecessary shared library dependencies, I added a new configure option that, if used, causes remctl to link only with -lgssapi_krb5. That's the only library that remctl calls into directly; everything else is just tracing the dependencies of that library. You have to link with all the dependencies if linking static or shared on a platform without shared library dependencies, but on Linux (on Debian at least), it's unnecessary and adds more dependencies to break when shared library changes. In particular, it leaves the package dependent on libcomerr, which isn't necessary; the Kerberos libraries will pull one in. So the new Debian package is built using this option, as my small contribution to improving the library tangle.

You can get the new version from the remctl distribution page.

I've also uploaded new Debian packages, which now split the package into remctl-server and remctl-client (with a transition package for upgrades). Since this means new binary packages, they're waiting in NEW at the moment.

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