Miscellaneous haul

A little soon to be buying more books given the huge batch I got while on vacation at the end of October, but I wanted to grab a copy of Castle of Days by Gene Wolfe before it disappeared. It reprints various highly out-of-print writings that I'm very interested in.

Holly Black -- Tithe (sff)
Hal Duncan -- Vellum (sff)
Neil Gaiman, et al. -- Marvel: 1602 (graphic novel)
Elizabeth Hand -- Waking the Moon (sff)
Laurell K. Hamilton -- Incubus Dreams (sff)
M. John Harrison -- Viriconium (sff)
Edward James & Farah Mendlesohn (ed.) -- The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction (non-fiction)
Gene Wolfe -- Castle of Days (mostly non-fiction)

Viriconium is a trade paperback omnibus of the entire series, about which I've heard many wonderful things. I'd been trying to find them all used, but this way I can support the author and get an attractive copy.

Currently reading: Vellum by Hal Duncan, which so far is exceptional.

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