Library size

Out of curiosity, yesterday morning I counted all of my books (other than the technical books that I have at work and some things that I have packed away in boxes, that are going to the used bookstore, or that are on loan from someone else). The result, not counting graphic novels but counting course readers from college, is 1,179 volumes.

Not horribly impressive compared to a lot of people I know, but pretty good for a one-bedroom apartment. And I have plenty of room to add shelves still.

I did some rearranging yesterday, pulled out of shelves some old game magazines that I think I'm going to get rid of, and have now shelved all of the recent book arrivals. I'm back to having another shelf and a half of paperback space again, which is good since I'm likely to buy a bunch more in Oregon. (There are also some paperbacks that I expect I'll get rid of eventually, like all the Jordan and Goodkind.)

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