Debian status

New package for the little Stat::lsMode Perl module uploaded and sitting in NEW (thanks, Ben!). OpenAFS 1.4rc4-1 packages also finished, but I don't think the upload worked for some reason. Will have to check on that.

Sam is currently reviewing the Kerberos 1.4.2-1 packages. May need to track down some thread safety issues with the com_err library in e2fsprogs that MIT Kerberos has historically built against in Debian.

I did some bug work with openssh-krb5 today, but it's still unclear whether the reported security issue is really worth another upload. If there is another upload, it will be the last one for the package; after that, people should just use the current openssh packages. They now include Kerberos support. (Speaking of which, I have to install them and make sure they work for me.)

Other than that, I spent today moving things into Subversion. Hopefully new sident and webauth packages tomorrow.

Oh, and the mpich + hdf5 + lam migration that I'm watching as part of my new maintainer application seems to be progressing, but I need to go spend some time hunting down its current status and post an update. A new lam got uploaded today that will hopefully fix the build issue on m68k, so there is that.

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