Vacation haul

I did do a bit of used book store shopping earlier this week, but hadn't taken the time to write down what I'd gotten. It's a rather esoteric set, in part because I didn't bother to bring my list:

Poul Anderson -- Flandry of Terra (sff)
Jack L. Chalker -- Riders of the Winds (sff)
Jack L. Chalker -- Midnight at the Well of Souls (sff)
Jack L. Chalker -- War of the Maelstrom (sff)
Christopher Hinz -- Liege-Killer (sff)
Gregory Maguire -- Wicked (sff)
Michael Moorcock -- Gloriana (sff)
Clifford D. Simak -- Project Pope (sff)

All the Chalker is because Midnight at the Well of Souls was the one I've had recommended to me as pretty good, but I'd already picked up the first of the Changewinds series and want more of it if I'm going to read through it.

The Hinz and Simak books both came up in a panel at Baycon about forgotten SF, so I figured I'd give them a shot.

Also, my big Powell's order finally shipped, so shortly after I get back home I should get a large influx of new books.

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