Life update

I was going to write another book review today (I'm three behind), but between errands and visiting and finally getting some work done, I didn't get to it. Bagthropes Abroad, So You Want to Be a Wizard, and (finally) Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell coming as soon as I get a chance. (I lost last weekend for productivity to a cold and being doped up on Sudafed, so all I got done was reading.)

In other book news, I've started Lady of Mazes, and so far it looks like Karl Schroeder has written another excellent hard SF novel. I'm also reading another one of Langford's writing collections, which is excellent as always.

Tomorrow and Friday, I'm going to really focus on catching up on e-mail, Debian work, and work work, since I'm going on vacation again on Saturday and kind of want to clear the decks before I do so. Not sure if I'll finish more books before I leave, but I'm sure I'll do a fair bit of reading while on vacation.

I'm not as focused on New Orleans any more, mostly because not as much is happening. The polling results are disappointing; I really hoped that this would break through the partisan political divide in this country, but it's not clear to me that's going to happen. It's too frustrating to really pour energy into, even if more telling stories keep turning up. This is why I keep feeling mostly alienated by politics, that and the lack of political candidates that really represent my beliefs.

Right now, I have a ton of different things going on at once, and really need to do a lot of catching up. INN, News::Gateway, and Usenet politics have definitely gotten the bottom of the barrel in terms of energy and time lately, and I need to do some serious catching up on e-mail and replies.

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