Speaking of looting

Jon Lennox pointed out this entry at Making Light in a comment, and it's very much worth reading.

One of the bigger pictures in this hurricane situation is that many of the most seriously affected areas in New Orleans are also some of the poorest. I realize that Mississippi is very badly off, but I do wonder a little if one of the reasons why we're seeing so much coverage of the damage that's already happened in Mississippi and so little about the flooding that is currently happening in New Orleans is because of that difference. That's probably a bit too cynical, though; a better explanation is that CNN is just incompetent. (They've done a horrible job at covering this. I was finding information on blogs on-line 30 minutes or more before CNN mentioned it on the air, if they ever actually did. Often they didn't.)

Maybe now that the scope of the levee failure has become more apparent the coverage has shifted; I've not been watching during the day.

Posted: 2005-08-30 19:08 — Why no comments?

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