Post-vacation productivity

You'd think from my journal that I haven't been doing anything interesting, but it's more that I've been so busy I've not been writing anything down.

I got back from vacation on Monday night and immediately dove into a work project that was having a minor crisis. That's now resolved, although it means that I didn't make progress on some of the other things I was going to work on last week.

OpenAFS 1.4.0-rc1 packages are now in sid (although are of course blocked on the glibc transition just like everything else). They feature a new document on how to set up a new cell, significant improvements to the afs-newcell and afs-rootvol scripts, and many other tweaks. The OpenAFS package is now down to 10 bugs, and I'm hoping to get that down to around 5 with a few more uploads.

I've also been doing some Debian QA work. I have a new tleds package available that should fix the RC bug (as well as a bunch of other bugs) and let it migrate back into testing. It's a rather neat package that blinks the keyboard LEDs to indicate network traffic. I'm not interested in it enough to adopt it, but I'd like to see it stay in the archives.

This weekend is probably also going to be mostly Debian work. I have more QA work to do as part of my new maintainer application, I want to get started on packaging MIT Kerberos v5 1.4.2 (a bit overdue at this point), and I think I'm finally going to take some time to work on packaging the chatserver that I use to talk to friends.

Unfortunately, all this productivity also means that I've not been reading, so I've not finished the book that I mostly read on the train (and also haven't been walking lately, although that should change soon). I expect I'll get back to reading next week.

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