Video gameage

I'm sure that you are aware of those expensive but brightly-colored DVD cases that one can purchase, the ones that are far more expensive than movies and contain small plastic disks of scintillating design. What you perhaps did not know, and which I have recently discovered, is that in combination with the attractive black box I had formerly thought existed only to maintain the steady flow of electricity in its mysterious "stand buy" mode, these small disks can make images appear on heretofore unexplored television stations! Those images move in attractive and fascinating patterns, and some of them you can even control!

And here I had believed that the attraction of this consumer product was purely for the possession of it, the aesthetically appealing shelf filled with expensive plastic and carefully designed artwork, the right to respond to any conversational gambit with the suave statement "oh, yes, I own that."

Who knew there was so much more?

It strains believability that I would be able to find any time to devote to this strange new pasttime, as occupied as I am already with arguing about politics on mailing lists and feeling guilty about eating too much. Yet, in some strange twist of fate, I have managed several hours of this entertainment in the past couple of days. I am certain that this cannot last. Still, the future is not for us to know.

Also, Everquest: Champions of Norrath combines exactly the correct mixture of aggressive button pressing, dress-up dolls, and scratch-off fantasy maps to form delicious, addictive crack. And remember, I can kill you with my thumb. (For values of "you" equal to inch-high computer-animated skeletons at the moment, but I'm in training and I have great hopes for improvement.)

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