Continuing both my Debian New Maintainer application work and following up on a QA thread a while back, I've finished a new package of mmm-mode that updates the package to the latest upstream version and closes six bugs. I've also closed another three bugs that are no longer relevant for one reason or another.

It's currently waiting on my Application Manager to look over (and then probably upload).

I don't actually use mmm-mode (which lets you use two major modes at the same time in the same file), but there are a few problems that it might be able to solve. I might start in the future. If I do, I'll probably adopt it; it looks like a fairly straightforward package to maintain.

No time at the moment to do the other two packages I found in my first scan through orphaned packages (htp and nasm-mode), but hopefully I'll get to those a little bit later. First I have to finish the new proxy template and do the first proxy upgrade, and then I need to start working on a prioritized roadmap for where we're going next with campus infrastructure services.

Posted: 2005-08-03 11:45 — Why no comments?

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