Debian and a2ps

Well, today ended up being fairly productive.

The Debian New Maintainer process involves a couple of examinations to make sure that the candidate both understands the policies and procedures of Debian and has the skills required to perform common tasks. I'm in the first part of that right now, and rather than just answering a bunch of essay questions, I'm doing bug triage to show that I can use the bug system.

Today was spent going through the a2ps package and studying all of the bugs. I picked out that package as one that I thought I could do something with, and having finished a day of work on it, I'm pretty happy with my choice. There weren't many bugs that could just be closed, but there were a lot that could be merged. I also made a few patches or updated patches that weren't quite sufficient and got those into the bug system.

I think that if all that work is applied in the next version, it should close around ten open bugs, maybe more with all the merged ones. It took more time than answering questions, but I do like getting some useful work done at the same time as going through this process. Kind of like being an intern.

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Well, speaking of a2ps, it looks like the a2ps webpage has a typo ("let's" instead of "lets", towards the end).

Meanwhile, sounds like fun!

Posted by Brooks Moses at 2005-07-31 00:03

(It occurs to me that I should note that I've emailed the Gnu webmasters about that, so you don't wonder if I'm assuming you will!)

Posted by Brooks Moses at 2005-07-31 00:06

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