Slow weekend

Wow, getting up early both days this weekend to do KDC upgrades really wiped me out. I haven't had a low energy weekend in quite a while.

It wasn't as bad as it could have been. I still did get some stuff done this weekend, including picking up new music, getting all of it ripped for my personal use, poking at SSL in INN a little bit, and getting about two hours worth of work done on Debian packaging. I should be able to finish AFS and Kerberos packages for upload tomorrow, hopefully.

And that is on top of seven hours of work, starting at 5:30am on Saturday and 6:30am on Sunday, although what really got me was more not managing to go to bed at a sane hour Friday night and therefore getting only five and a half hours of sleep. I'm just not as good at that as I used to be. I need to practice going back to sleep after the work is done. I'll have an opportunity Thursday morning, when I'm doing another 6am upgrade.

I didn't have the focus to work on INN, alas, so I haven't finished the work I need to do for a release. More good patches keep showing up to include, so I need to get it done and get 2.4.3 out there. But I'll get to it eventually, along with the much-needed catchup on e-mail of all varieties, where I am currently woefully behind.

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