I am nowhere near as good at going on five and a half hours sleep as I used to. I also really hate our maintenance windows.

Two of the three KDCs have been moved to Debian and upgraded to something modern. The third goes tomorrow. Only one minor hitch, which is that our admin systems firewall is apparently blocking outgoing UDP except to specified hosts (guess we really don't trust that software at all), so I have to dual-home a couple of the servers onto the old addresses we're evacuating until the firewall can be updated. But that's doable.

I was going to work on INN today, but I'm beat. I think I'm going to read a little and then go to sleep within a half-hour or hour, which is ridiculously early for me. Maybe that will mean I'll be rested tomorrow, though, despite another early start.

I may steal some hours this week from work to work on INN, given the work I had to do this weekend.

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