NNTP standardization status

The IESG approval of the base document has now been announced, and it's in the RFC editor's queue.

The other three extension documents (AUTHINFO, STREAMING, and STARTTLS) have had additional drafts published following their last call and are now awaiting IESG review, hopefully in the telechat towards the end of July. I don't anticipate any problems.

Then, it's just a waiting game for the RFC Editor, which may be delayed a touch since AUTHINFO depends on a DIGEST-MD5 revision as the mandatory-to-implement SASL mechanism. I'm optimistically hoping to see everything published as RFCs by the end of the year, completely not knowing what the average waiting period is.

It will be somewhat funny, although not too surprising, if the drafts get published as RFCs before I manage to become a Debian developer.

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