woody to sarge upgrade

haven, the one system of mine that I keep on Debian stable since it's a multi-user system and people other than me rely on it working to get their mail, has been upgraded from woody to sarge. That also means I'm now using the new tripwire (quite nice) and aptitude on all of my systems. And yes, if you use aptitude for everything, the auto-removal feature is extremely nice.

The upgrade was completely painless. I followed the release notes and it just worked; the only slow parts were figuring out what local modifications I'd made and could now remove or do in a cleaner fashion. And now I have ssh-krb5 everywhere, which means that I could start thinking about turning off Kerberos rlogin on my personal systems, although it's still the login method I use automatically.

deborphan's handling of Perl and PAM modules isn't always what I want, but debfoster and now aptitude are really superior anyway. The only reason why I even look at deborphan any more is because debfoster for some reason never wants to remove certain high-priority libraries, even if nothing is using them.

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debian rocks my world.

Posted by piranha at 2005-06-27 18:43

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