Random travel observations

Airlines (or at least US Air) have stopped serving food gratis and have started charging for it on the plane. What a crock. Also, I think the isles have actually gotten even narrower -- either that, or my tolerance is worse. On the other hand, isle is fairly convenient, and I should get an isle seat in the future.

Security was stunningly efficient and fast at SFO for once. I think I waited a total of two minutes.

There is basically nothing close to my hotel (which is in a really stupid part of Pittsburgh to put a hotel -- I'm sure the land was cheap) that serves good food and is open at 10pm. Also, I still get too easily nervous in questionable-but-not-bad neighborhoods. This should be simple to deal with after tonight, though; this was the only tricky night.

Books are wonderful things. Finished one on the plane and halfway through another. It's rather tempting to stay up and read, although if I do, I'm going to be sorry tomorrow, as I have to get up at 4:30am "my" time.

The hotel network is very slow and had broken my connections three times already. I think I'm going to read a lot in the evenings, which is just fine by me, actually (although I'll miss some social activity).

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There's not much to do about the narrowness, unfortunately. But I'm at least as sensitive to leg room as elbow room, and I've had a lot of luck in this age of e-tickets and pick-your-own-seat-with-a-diagram. The things to look for...

Exit rows usually have extra leg room, and as a bonus, the people in front of you can't recline their seats (because it might interfere with emergency exiting). As a caveat, though, in planes large enough to have two consecutive exit rows, the front exit row seats won't recline, for the same reason.

Some people also like the frontmost seat in coach ("bulkhead") because there's some additional leg room there, and of course no one to recline. But I find having to put all of my carryon luggage in the overhead bin too much of an inconvenience except for very short flights (especially because those seats board last, and the overhead bins are often taken).

Also, I have Bose noise-canceling headphones, and they're amazing.

P.S. s/isle/aisle/

Posted by Jeff Vinocur at 2005-06-21 07:13

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