afs-backend 1.20

This was the only of the list of AFS-related software that I sent to openafs-info that anyone indicated interest in, so it won. This is the software we use for delegated volume administration, specifically creating, deleting, releasing, and setting the quota on volumes. It's not hugely featureful at the moment, but it works pretty well.

Unfortunately, there was rather more site configuration than I realized, since it ties into how we create and remove volumes, how we name volumes and assign them to volume types, and how we get AFS credentials. There's therefore a fair bit of stuff to review and possibly change to deploy it at a new site. Hopefully it will still be useful to someone.

You can get the latest version of afs-backend, along with the afs-backend-acl script used to generate the remctl ACL file from the internal ACL file, from the afs-backend distribution page.

Posted: 2005-06-18 21:00 — Why no comments?

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