Latest haul

This is a Powell's order that I had pending from before Baycon, with the addition of a few things that were on sale or caught my eye during Baycon. Mostly the point was to get the rest of Langford's stuff, though.

George Alec Effinger -- George Alec Effinger Live from Planet Earth (sff)
Edmond Hamilton -- The City at World's End (sff)
Gwyneth Jones -- White Queen (sff)
Guy Gavriel Kay -- The Last Light of the Sun (sff)
David Langford -- The Complete Critical Assembly (sff)
David Langford -- He Do the Time Police in Different Voices (sff)
David Langford -- The Leaky Establishment (sff)
David Langford -- The Space Eater (sff)
David Langford -- Up Through an Empty House of Stars (nf)
Simon Singh -- Fermat's Enigma (sff)
Charles Stross -- The Atrocity Archives (sff)

So many books and so little time. I should probably drop books faster when they're not working for me, but I want to finish them before writing a review and I really want to write the reviews....

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