kstart 2.7

I've done a ton of work on this since the previously announced release (2.3), both in response to Debian bugs and Debian packaging needs and to make it easier to do a bunch of things we've needed to do with our new Debian servers.

The big news is that I've now incorporated all of the functionality of runauth into kstart and improved it in the process. Both the K4 and K5 kstart now know how to run a specific command, rather than just obtaining tickets and tokens. When running a command, they stay in the background, refreshing tickets and tokens as needed until the command exits (only works with commands that don't background themselves, of course). And when running a command, they both support putting the command into its own PAG, if the OpenAFS libraries are available to build against.

Other significant changes are the renaming of kstart to k4start to avoid a conflict with a KDE program (so now the kstart package provides k4start and k5start), a tested port of k5start to Heimdal, and a flag to tell k5start to figure out what principal to authenticate as by reading the keytab, making it easier to write portable scripts that use k5start. Along with the big changes, there are also a lot of minor cleanups, improvements in error handling and reporting, documentation improvements, and build system fixes.

With this release, runauth should now be considered obsolete. We're going to phase out our use of it at Stanford in favor of the new kstart programs.

You can get the latest release from the kstart distribution page. Alas, it didn't make it into Debian sarge, but it will be in etch.

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