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I'd been meaning for quite some time to start contributing Debian packages to Debian itself, but despite learning how to make packages and doing some internal packaging, I kept not taking the time to really learn how to do it. I finally broke through that logjam around the middle of April, applied to become an official Debian developer, started helping Sam Hartman maintain the AFS and Kerberos packages, and started uploading my packages into Debian proper.

Many thanks go to Ben Pfaff for being willing to sponsor my packages; it's only because of him that I've been able to get some things into Debian already. The Debian new maintainer process is notoriously slow (something that has good and bad aspects), so I expect to be needing his help as a package sponsor for another year or so. It might go a bit faster, but I'm not counting on it.

I know have a web page up that lists all the Debian packages that I've made available, either in Debian proper or through my own personal repository. Some things will never be suitable for Debian proper for various reasons, and other things (like bundle or reminder) I'm not sure are of sufficiently general interest and are very simple to install as scripts. I've also now added information to the individual software packages of my packages if Debian packages are also available.

Now I just need to find the time to write up the details of how I maintain Debian packages, since I've discovered a lot of interesting tricks in the process and we have a rather neat local package repository setup here at Stanford now, thanks in large part to Hua's work.

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