WebAuth 3.2.8

I'm massively behind on announcing new software releases here, so there's probably going to be a flood of them over the weekend as I catch up. I've been knee-deep in Debian work, among other things, for the last couple of months and have been busily fixing all sorts of things rather than communicating about them.

I see that the last WebAuth release I announced here was 3.2.4. I just pushed out 3.2.8, including new builds of the Solaris binary packages and new versions of the Solaris Apache build and stow packages. Since 3.2.4, there have been a couple of packaging releases with portability fixes to all the supported Debian platforms and a renaming of the Perl bindings to match the name of the C library. There are also two minor bug fixes, namely a change to the priority of the mod_webauthldap messages and better handling of empty keyring files. Finally, the WebKDC manual has been significantly improved.

Most of the work ended up being building all the random dependency packages on Solaris and updating them all in the distribution area. I have been totally spoiled by the Debian toolset. I remember when my tools for building Solaris packages felt polished and fast, and now it's a painful manual process compared to building Debian packages. I'm looking forward to not having to worry about Solaris any more.

WebAuth is now also in Debian unstable, although alas it missed the sarge cutoff by only a couple of days. I'll maintain sarge packages on archives.eyrie.org and as of etch, it should be a first-class Debian citizen. (If you run WebAuth on Debian and are allowed to do so given security policies, run popularity-contest! It's great to know how many users there are out there.)

There are still no official Red Hat packages. People keep building them and talking about them, but no one ever sends me any details about them, sends me spec files to include in the tree, or asks to have them put on the official release pages. Oh well.

You can get the latest version from the WebAuth pages. I haven't yet created a WebAuth software page in my own web space but will one of these days, if for no other reason than to avoid going blind trying to read the microfont used on the official ITSS pages.

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