Vacation haul

Back to the used book store. What an excellent store; every time I go in there, I find more things that I've really been looking for.

Poul Anderson -- A Midsummer Tempest (sff)
Eleanor Arnason -- In the Light of Sigma Draconis (sff)
Stephen Baxter -- The Time Ships (sff)
Greg Bear -- Queen of Angels (sff)
Charles de Lint -- Jack, the Giant-Killer (sff)
Charles de Lint -- The Riddle of the Wren (sff)
Alan Garner -- The Owl Service (sff)
Robert Merle -- Malevil (sff)
Lyda Morehouse -- Apocalypse Array (sff)
Lyda Morehouse -- Messiah Node (sff)
Terry Pratchet -- Equal Rites (sff)
Eric Schlesser -- Fast Food Nation (nf)
Martin Scott -- Thraxis (sff)
Sharon Shinn -- Wrapt in Crystal (sff)
Evangeline Walton -- The Children of Llyr (sff)

With all the Morehouse I now have, it looks like I still don't have the first book of that series. Sigh. Must go do some more research on that.

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