March haul

It had been a while since I made a book order, and I wanted to get the rest of the Anne Bishop Black Jewels books.

Elizabeth Bear -- Hammered (sff)
Anne Bishop -- Dreams Made Flesh (sff)
Anne Bishop -- The Invisible Ring (sff)
Chris Claremont, et al. -- X-Men: Days of Future Past (gn)
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -- Flow (nf)
David G. Hartwell (ed.) -- Year's Best SF 6 (sff)
Christopher Priest -- The Extremes (sff)
Michael Marshall Smith -- Only Forward (sff)

The Year's Best anthology I got to pick up the Hugo-winning short story by David Langford.

Posted: 2005-04-09 12:38 — Why no comments?

"Only Forward" is great! I mean, the plot structure takes a perpendicular turn halfway through, and it gets incoherent toward the end, and it starts off wanting to be a Neal Stephenson book but winds up wanting to be a Neil Gaiman book. There are wonderful set pieces among all the confusion, however, and nobody on Earth writes better household appliances than Michael Marshall Smith.

The author seems to be doing better in the American market writing thrillers under the name Michael Marshall. I picked "The Straw Men" up used, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

Posted by Christina Schulman at 2005-04-15 23:22

Wow, that sounds great! I'll move that up my list of things to read soon.

Posted by eagle at 2005-04-20 23:17

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