Lots of web site work

I see I haven't made an entry in quite a while, mostly because I've been very busy with all sorts of projects (mostly work-related). As part of a larger work project to webify our internal documentation, I went through all of our AFS documentation, and that led me finally to finish writing up the AFS reporting database that we use and the balancing method that we use.

Also now available is the software to load the reporting database and the software to do the balancing.

I also moved a variety of notes that I had elsewhere over to my main web pages and updated several of them, so now my technical notes have more details and hints. There are still lots of other things that I've written at various times that I want to find, organize, and put up. It's an ongoing process.

There are some other AFS-related things linked in under notes, and will be more in the future I hope. I still have another half-dozen different AFS-related utilities that I want to finish polishing up and make available (not to mention lots more in other areas).

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