Book statistics for 2004

It looks like Tehanu will be my last read for 2004, as I have another 180 pages to go in Dreamsnake and probably won't finish it until after midnight. This therefore seems to be a good time to gather some meaningless statistics about books read in 2004.

Books read: 94
Total pages: 34,304
Average rating: 6.80
Books per day: 0.26
Pages per day: 93.7
Days per book: 3.90

Next year I'm going to aim for 100 books. That shouldn't be too much of a difficulty, given that I've been steadily increasing the rate at which I've been finishing books since I started reading regularly again.

Posted: 2004-12-31 18:06 — Why no comments?

i stumbled upon this on accident trying to find book statistics to write an essay on Fahrenheit 451. I know this shouldn't really be any of my business, but, who the friggin hell are you and why in 2006 you don't have anything posted but you have them for 2004? And what website is this? Did u make it or is it just a chat room?

Posted by Amy at 2006-03-16 20:48

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