Holiday haul

Today was book shopping today; we hit a couple of used book stores and a couple of new book stores, and I did significant damage to my want list. We'll see if these will all fit on my existing shelves, although I think I still have enough room.

Michael Bishop -- And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees (sff)
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff -- The Meri (sff)
Suzy McKee Charnas -- The Furies (sff)
Arthur C. Clarke -- Tales from the White Hart (sff)
Storm Constantine -- The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit (sff)
Rick Cook -- Wizard's Bane (sff)
Charles de Lint -- The Harp of the Grey Rose (sff)
Philip K. Dick -- Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (sff)
Greg Egan -- Diaspora (sff)
Maggie Furey -- Aurian (sff)
Kathleen Ann Goonan -- Queen City Jazz (sff)
Colin Greenland -- Harm's Way (sff)
Haven Kimmel -- A Girl Named Zippy (mainstream)
Gabriel King -- The Wild Road (sff)
Ursula K. Le Guin -- Tales from Earthsea (sff)
Valery Leith -- The Company of Glass (sff)
Robin McKinley -- Sunshine (sff)
Ken MacLeod -- The Stone Canal (sff)
Julian May -- The Golden Torc (sff)
Elizabeth Moon -- Hunting Party (sff)
Pat Murphy -- Points of Departure (sff)
Larry Niven -- Flatlander (sff)
Chaim Potok -- Davita's Harp (mainstream)
Terry Pratchett -- Sourcery (sff)
Kim Stanley Robinson -- Blue Mars (sff)
Marshall Saunders -- Beautiful Joe (mainstream)
Walter Scott -- Waverley (classic)
Charles Sheffield -- Summertide (sff)
Sharon Shinn -- Angelica (sff)
Robert Silverberg -- Lord Valentine's Castle (sff)
Mary Stewart -- The Hollow Hills (sff)
S. Andrew Swann -- Broken Crescent (sff)
James Tiptree, Jr. -- The Color of Neanderthal Eyes (sff)
Anne Tyler -- The Accidental Tourist (mainstream)
Jack Vance -- Lyonesse (sff)
John Varley -- Titan (sff)
Tad Williams -- Stone of Farewell (sff)
Tad Williams -- To Green Angel Tower, Part I (sff)
Tad Williams & Nina Kirki Hoffman -- Child of an Ancient City (sff)
Jack Williamson -- Terraforming Earth (sff)
Connie Willis & Cynthia Felice -- Promised Land (sff)
Roger Zelazny -- Trumps of Doom (sff)

Beautiful Joe is to replace a hardcover copy that I have that's falling apart.

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