No more Potter

That's it for the Harry Potter reviews, so those of you who are tired of me ranting about the series can rest easy. I'll be back to posting reviews of other things tomorrow.

That's also the last of the books that I read while on vacation, so I'm almost up to my current reading again with reviews. I have one more that I've already read and have not posted yet, which I'll be posting tomorrow, and one more book that I've finished and not yet written a review of. So by the end of the weekend, I should be completely caught up in posting reviews of my current reading.

I've been pretty busy with a lot of things lately, particularly NNTP standardization and work, but will hopefully have more time this weekend to do some reading and maybe fiddle around with some web page projects.

Posted: 2004-11-12 18:53 — Why no comments?

What a pity. I was looking forward to reading your review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Posted by Joanna at 2004-11-12 23:43

*laugh*. You're the second person who's said that. Now I'm wondering if I should read it just out of curiosity.

Posted by eagle at 2004-11-13 00:46

Don't do it, man! If you thought the editing was lacking on Goblet....

Posted by MasonK at 2004-11-18 07:57

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