Pre-vacation haul

I'm heading out for a two week vacation at the Oregon coast on Thursday, and will likely be very out of touch for the whole period (for the first time in quite a while). I'm hoping this will prove to be incredibly relaxing. So far, it hasn't, because I've been frantically running around trying to get everything taken care of and lined up before I leave.

As soon as I hit the road, though, I won't be able to do anything about anything I've forgotten, so the goal will then be to let go of all of it, relax, and do whatever I want to do. I have no plans, no expectations, and no intentions for that time, just a vacation.

Of course, that means I have to take care of another half-dozen things in the next five days. Ack!

Anyway, one thing that is done is a pre-vacation Powell's order, picking up some books that likely will make it with me on the trip:

Michael Bishop -- No Enemy But Time (sff)
Julie E. Czerneda -- Ties of Power (sff)
Julie E. Czerneda -- To Trade the Stars (sff)
Charles de Lint -- Dreams Underfoot (sff)
Charles de Lint -- The Onion Girl (sff)
Laurell K. Hamilton -- Cerulean Sins (sff)
M. John Harrison -- Light (sff)
P.C. Hodgell -- God Stalk (sff)
Lawrence Lessig -- Free Culture (non-fiction)

The two Czerneda, the Hamilton, the Harrison, and at least one de Lint will all be coming with me, which should make a nice cross-section of stuff. I think I'll grab Declare to go with them, and maybe some Alastair Reynolds.

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