Borrowed haul

I'm being very, very good about not buying more books right now until I've made more of a dent in the sheer quantity I've already purchased. I've only picked up a couple new books in the past month (and that was in part to support someone I used to write with who now has a regular published book). Of course, now a friend loans me a bunch of books I've had on my want list.

The backlog will never actually get shorter. I am content with this, although at some point I'm going to have to buy a house.

Anyway, here are the two new purchases:

Anne Bishop -- The Black Jewels Trilogy (sff)
Matthew Rossi -- Things That Never Were (sff)

Matt Rossi used to write for rec.arts.comics.creative and I've done some universe-building with him in the past. He was always one of my favorite RACC writers. This is apparently more a collection of speculative essays, making it hard to classify genre-wise (or even on the fiction vs. non-fiction axis). I'm very curious what it will be like.

The books on loan:

John Barnes -- Finity (sff)
Greg Bear -- The Infinity Concerto (sff)
Pat Cadigan -- Synners (sff)
Julie E. Czerneda -- Beholder's Eye (sff)
Diane Duane -- So You Want to Be a Wizard (sff)
George Alec Effinger -- The Zork Chronicles (sff)
Cynthia Felice & Connie Willis -- Water Witch (sff)
John M. Ford -- The Dragon Waiting (sff)
James Alan Gardner -- Ascending (sff)
Zenna Henderson -- Pilgrimage (sff)
Zenna Henderson -- The People: No Different Flesh (sff)
Paul J. McAuley -- Fairyland (sff)
Richard Morgan -- Altered Carbon (sff)
Tim Powers -- Declare (sff)
Sharon Shinn -- Jenna Starborn (sff)
Walter Jon Williams -- Metropolitan (sff)

A lovely, varied selection of things. I've also finished two more books and need to write reviews; one of those coming up shortly.

Posted: 2004-09-18 15:02 — Why no comments?

I'm interested in what you thought of it, ultimately. And hey, how's it going?

Posted by Matthew Rossi at 2004-11-26 09:17

Hey! Regretfully, I've not read it yet, although I keep meaning to. I will shortly! And things are going pretty well, if rather busy.

Posted by eagle at 2004-11-26 12:02

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