I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Ikea. I love their furniture, which is attractive, functional, and cheap, and which is the vast majority of my home furnishings and has enabled me to get an almost sufficient quantity of shelves. I also got both my plates and bowls and my silverware from Ikea, as well as some other useful things like the quart jars I drink water out of.

On the other hand, assembling the stuff can be an exercise in torture. And every once in a while, something is missing or not quite right. This time, I had to shave down the back of one shelf with the claw of my hammer and one of the CD towers was missing the front of the plinth. Every time I get a bunch of Ikea furniture, I decide that I'm going to think carefully before doing that again, because putting it together is such a pain. But then, by the time I want more new furniture, Ikea ends up looking like the most attractive solution again.

I just finished putting together the last of the last load, so I now have a new set of office drawers (two fair-sized regular drawers and a hanging file). That took a fair chunk of a day to put together along with a fair bit of cursing, strain on my sore left wrist, and a blister on a finger, as it came in six boxes and drawer assemblies are always way too complex. But it's finally done, and it does look quite nice.

I now have six completely empty shelves, four empty paperback shelves, and several still-empty CD tower shelves, which should give me more room to spread out and acquire more books. Not that I should be acquiring more books soon, without reading more....

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Microsoft and Peter Jackson postpone the making of a film based on the Halo video game after backers pull out...

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