Attacking bookstores

It really isn't my fault. The bookstore is right next to the post office, and of course I can't have company down and not go to the bookstore. It just lept in front of me and sucked me in.

I had just bought tons of SF and needed some more mainstream fiction. That's it. Yeah. (Of course, I then failed to actually pick up my mail, as I'd left it for too long and it's now not fitting in my box. Which means I have go to back tomorrow during business hours to get it. *sigh* I hope they didn't send the package back that is also waiting for me.)

Anyway, here's the additional damage.

Charles N. Brown & Jonathan Strahan (ed.) -- The Locus Awards (sf)
C.J. Cherryh -- Alternate Realities (sf)
Arthur C. Clarke -- Rendezvous with Rama (sf)
Charles de Lint -- Angel of Darkness (sf)
Jasper Fforde -- The Eyre Affair (sf)
Mark Haddon -- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (mainstream)
Dorothy L. Sayers -- Clouds of Witness (mystery)

Okay, only two mainstream books from the above, although Fforde's, while clearly SF, is marketed mainstream rather than SF and shelved accordingly. The Cherryh is a collection of Port Eternity, Wave Without a Shore, and Voyager in Night. It's really nice to see so much of Cherryh's work reprinted.

The Locus Awards looks to be a very nice collection, containing quite a few short stories that I've heard about and not had a chance to read. It includes "The Death of Doctor Island" by Gene Wolfe, "Jeffty is Five" by Harlan Ellison, "The Scale Hunter's Beautiful Daughter" by Lucius Shepard, "Bears Discover Fire" by Terry Bisson, and "Hell Is the Absence of God" by Ted Chiang.

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