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In my defense for the ridiculous amount of book purchasing going on, this order was placed before the last trip to the used book store. I was mostly going after some non-fiction books I wanted, but of course while I'm placing an order....

Peter L. Bernstein -- Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk (non-fiction)
Robert Borski -- Solar Labyrinth (non-fiction)
Steven Brust -- The Phoenix Guards (sf)
Octavia Butler -- Parable of the Sower (sf)
C.J. Cherryh & Leslie Fish -- A Dirge for Sabis (sf)
C.S. Friedman -- In Conquest Born (sf)
Malcolm Gladwell -- The Tipping Point (non-fiction)
Nancy Kress -- Probability Moon (sf)
Michael Lewis -- Moneyball (non-fiction)
Ian McDonald -- Desolation Road (sf)
Jennifer Roberson -- Sword-Sworn (sf)
Mary Doria Russell -- The Sparrow (sf)
Charles Stross -- Singularity Sky (sf)
Gene Wolfe -- The Urth of the New Sun (sf)
Gene Wolfe -- Litany of the Long Sun (sf)
Gene Wolfe -- Epiphany of the Long Sun (sf)
John C. Wright -- The Golden Age (sf)

Solar Labyrinth is an analysis of Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, which I am very much looking forward to reading as I'm sure I missed a ton.

Posted: 2004-08-19 21:38 — Why no comments?

_The Golden Age_ and its sequels are also exceptionally good.

Posted by Nix at 2004-09-22 04:51

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