Huge book haul

Company with an equal passion for used book shopping, so of course today it was off to Know Knew Books for the first time in years. On one hand, I could be a more regular customer; on the other hand, I'm afraid of how many books I'd have if I did. We went in a bit after 2pm and it was 6pm before we knew it. We filled two good-sized cardboard boxes with used books.

Here's the haul for me, entirely SF this time:

Brian W. Aldiss -- Helliconia Spring
Isaac Asimov -- The Stars, Like Dust
Kage Baker -- In the Garden of Iden
John Barnes -- A Million Open Doors
Greg Bear -- Blood Music
Katherine Blake -- The Interior Life
David Brin -- The Postman
Lois McMaster Bujold -- Falling Free
Jeffrey A. Carver -- Neptune Crossing
C.J. Cherryh -- The Faded Sun: Kesrith
C.J. Cherryh -- Hellburner
C.J. Cherryh & Nancy Asire -- Wizard Spawn
Susan Cooper -- The Dark is Rising
Susan Cooper -- Greenwitch
Susan Cooper -- The Grey King
Susan Cooper -- Silver on the Tree
Julie E. Czerneda -- A Thousand Words for Stranger
Diane Duane -- To Visit the Queen
George Alec Effinger -- When Gravity Fails
Jeffrey Ford -- The Physiognomy
Amitav Ghosh -- The Calcutta Chromosome
William Gibson -- Count Zero
William Gibson -- Neuromancer
Robert Holdstock -- Mythago Wood
Ellen Kushner -- Swordspoint
Elizabeth A. Lynn -- Watchtower
Paul J. McAuley -- Four Hundred Billion Stars
R.A. MacAvoy -- Tea with the Black Dragon
Patricia A. McKillip -- The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
Robin McKinley -- The Hero and the Crown
Barry M. Malzberg -- Beyond Apollo
Lyda Morehouse -- Archangel Protocol
Larry Niven -- Protector
Larry Niven -- World of Ptavvs
Rachel Pollack -- Unquenchable Fire
Rudy Rucker -- Software
Rudy Rucker -- Wetware
Richard Paul Russo -- Ship of Fools
Lewis Shiner -- Glimpses
Tricia Sullivan -- Lethe
Bruce Sterling -- Islands in the Net
Caroline Stevermer -- A College of Magics
Mary Stewart -- The Crystal Cave
Sean Stewart -- Galveston
Wilson Tucker -- The Year of the Quiet Sun
Evangeline Walton -- Prince of Annwn
Kate Wilhelm -- Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
George Zebrowski -- The Monadic Universe
Roger Zelazny -- The Courts of Chaos
Roger Zelazny -- The Guns of Avalon
Roger Zelazny -- The Hand of Oberon
Roger Zelazny -- Sign of the Unicorn

Phew. Books!

Posted: 2004-08-15 21:46 — Why no comments?

Let's see, that's 51 books, and last count I remember, you had over 200 books unread...

I want your library. :)

Posted by Mason at 2004-08-17 17:34

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