kstart 2.2

I've released a new version of the kstart and k5start package. I went over all of the code for both with a scrub brush and also got rid of a lot of Stanford-specific banners and environment variable checks. The code should be easier to read and more maintainable now.

I also substantially overhauled the man pages, improved the other documentation, improved the build system, switched to Autoconf 2.5x, and added Debian rules.

Debian packages are also available but I haven't gotten around to announcing my Debian archive yet. I'll do that probably tomorrow after I finish cleaning up and releasing apt-index (although I may instead work on teaching apt-ftparchive how to generate Release files as part of the generate step, since apparently that should be easy).

Anyway, you can get the latest versions from the kstart distribution page.

Posted: 2004-07-30 00:44 — Why no comments?

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