cvslog 1.49

The current testing version of CVS (anything after 1.12.6, in fact), fixes a long-standing problem in the way that CVS talks to commit scripts, adding a new option to pass in arguments as actual arguments rather than as a single string separated internally by spaces and commas.

That's great; I'm all in favor of it.

However, they decided not to keep supporting the old method and started spewing deprecation warnings, which is rather annoying. And then they messed up backward compatibility so that even in compatibility mode, which is the default, the output for directory adds and source imports changed. This annoyed me a great deal.

Anyway, I've now released a new version of cvslog that both works around this bug (and continues to work with older versions of CVS) but also can cope with the new format and includes documentation on how to install it the new way. There's also a new minor release of cvsprep that mostly only updates the documentation to talk about the CVS 1.12.6 way of doing things.

You can get the current version of both from the cvslog distribution page.

Posted: 2004-06-11 20:09 — Why no comments?

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