Second Baycon Haul

This will probably be it for me this year, particularly since the de Lint books are all hardcover (okay, I splurged). Used hardcover (except Forests of the Heart), but still. (Although I need to buy his books new to help encourage his publisher to print more of them....)

Isaac Asimov -- Foundation
Isaac Asimov -- Foundation and Empire
Isaac Asimov -- Second Foundation
Stephen Baxter -- Vacuum Diagrams
Charles de Lint -- Forests of the Heart
Charles de Lint -- The Little Country
Charles de Lint -- Moonlight and Vines
Charles de Lint -- Tapping the Dream Tree
Sean Stewart -- Resurrection Man
Roger Zelazny -- Doorways in the Sand
Roger Zelazny -- Isle of the Dead
Roger Zelazny -- This Immortal

The Foundation series I've already read, but had never owned, so that's just filling in a gap in my personal library.

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