Initial Baycon haul

The dealer room at Baycon this year has been good to me. I would have liked to be able to find some more fantasy and some more recent stuff, since the new book selection and the used selection that isn't classic SF is a bit limited, but I've still been able to find quite a lot.

There will be more; there are some things that I'm going to pick up tomorrow that I haven't yet for a variety of reasons. But here's what I've gotten so far:

Peter S. Beagle -- The Last Unicorn (sff)
C.J. Cherryh -- Brothers of Earth (sff)
C.J. Cherryh -- The Faded Sun: Kutath (sff)
C.J. Cherryh -- The Faded Sun: Shon'jir (sff)
C.J. Cherryh -- Hunter of Worlds (sff)
C.J. Cherryh -- Serpent's Reach (sff)
C.J. Cherryh -- Visible Light (sff)
Samuel R. Delany -- The Einstein Intersection (sff)
Lord Dunsany -- The King of Elfland's Daughter (sff)
Mary Gentle -- A Hawk in Silver (sff)
Harry Harrison -- The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat (sff)
David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer (ed.) -- Year's Best SF 9 (sff)
Robert A. Heinlein -- Citizen of the Galaxy (sff)
Robert A. Heinlein -- Double Star (sff)
Robert A. Heinlein -- The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (sff)
Frank Herbert -- Whipping Star (sff)
Katherine Kurtz -- Deryni Rising (sff)
Mercedes Lackey -- Sacred Ground (sff)
Fritz Leiber -- The Wanderer (sff)
Vonda N. McIntyre -- Starfarers (sff)
Vonda N. McIntyre -- Superluminal (sff)
Ken Macleod -- The Cassini Division (sff)
Elizabeth Moon -- The Speed of Dark (sff)
Larry Niven -- Limits (sff)
Larry Niven -- A World Out of Time (sff)
Larry Niven & Steven Barnes -- The Barsoom Project (sff)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle -- Oath of Fealty (sff)
George Orwell -- Animal Farm (f)
Robert Silverberg -- A Time of Changes (sff)
Dan Simmons -- Hard Freeze (f)
Sean Stewart -- Passion Play (sff)
James White -- Mind Changer (sff)

Most of what's likely still coming is Zelazny.

Posted: 2004-05-29 18:26 — Why no comments?

It occurs to me that you might quite like going to the Friends of the Palo Alto Library booksales. They have a fairly good selection of sf books (amongst the many other things); it's the main way that Suzanne and I have been building up our collection for the past few years.

Posted by Brooks Moses at 2004-05-30 00:06

Thanks! I'm a member, and keep meaning to go, but haven't actually gone yet. It's often hard for me to get out to things like that without some advance planning, and I wasn't sure how good they'd be. But with that knowledge, I think I'll prod myself to do it.

Posted by eagle at 2004-05-30 01:25

_The Speed of Dark_, _A World out of Time_ and _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_ are similar in one way: they're quite different from anything else that author has ever written, and much better for it.

Posted by Nix at 2004-06-09 11:55

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