Book haul

Yes, of course, I couldn't stay away from ordering from Powell's for too long. (I'd gotten The Confusion in hardcover, see, so of course I had to get Quicksilver in the same format, and while I was placing an order anyway....)

Anyway, here's the latest bunch:

James Gleick -- Faster (nf)
Madeleine L'Engle -- A Wind in the Door (sff)
Terry Pratchett -- Guards! Guards! (sff)
Terry Pratchett -- Reaper Man (sff)
Alastair Reynolds -- Revelation Space (sff)
James H. Schmitz -- Telzey Amberdon (sff)
Karl Schroeder -- Ventus (sff)
Neal Stephenson -- Quicksilver (sff)
Joss Whedon, et al. -- Fray (graphic novel)
Roger Zelazny -- Lord of Light (sff)

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