Book order #3

The final order for a while. I think I have enough to read to last me for, well, frankly, the rest of the year. But it's so much fun unpacking boxes of new books and shelving them.

In this last shipment:

Karen Armstrong -- A History of God
Jane Austen -- The Complete Novels of Jane Austen
Dan Brown -- Angels & Demons
Lois McMaster Bujold -- The Curse of Chalion
Lois McMaster Bujold -- Young Miles
Jim Butcher -- Storm Front
Jane Jacobs -- The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Clifford D. Simak -- City
Joan Slonczewski -- The Children Star
Anne Tyler -- Breathing Lessons

More non-SF and even some non-fiction in this set. I'm looking at adding a bit more variety in what I'm reading regularly.

Reviewing Young Miles will be a bit of a challenge in logistical decisions. I generally review compendiums of several novels with individual reviews for each of the component novels (since people often buy them in that form), but Young Miles also includes a short story. Not sure whether to review it as a single book or to write a separate review just for the short story. Hm.

Oh! And I should mention the books that I have from friends to read right now, since that's the set that I'm actually working on at present:

David Brin -- Kiln People
Bill Bryson -- The Mother Tongue
Charles De Lint -- Someplace to Be Flying
Georgette Heyer -- These Old Shades
Robert J. Sawyer -- Hominids
Sharon Shinn -- Archangel
Sean Stewart -- Nobody's Son
Theodore Sturgeon -- More Than Human
Peter Watts -- Starfish
Peter Watts -- Maelstrom
Diane Wynn-Jones -- Hexwood

plus I'll probably get the third book in the Outremer series from the friend who loaned me the first two, at some point.

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