Book order #2

Second in a series. Unfortunately, the other shipments I was hoping would come in today weren't there, so I'll have to check again later this week.

I've been in the mood to buy books lately.

Alfred Bester -- The Demolished Man
Alfred Bester -- The Stars My Destination
Caleb Carr -- The Alienist
Philip K. Dick -- The Man in the High Castle
Neil Gaiman -- Coraline
James Alan Gardner -- Expendable
James Alan Gardner -- Vigilant
Daniel Keyes Moran -- The Long Run
Tim Powers -- The Anubis Gates
Frank M. Robinson -- The Dark Beyond the Stars
Thomas Perry -- Vanishing Act
J.K. Rowling -- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Robert Silverberg -- Sailing to Byzantium
Bruce Sterling (ed.) -- Mirrorshades
Connie Willis -- Firewatch
Connie Willis -- Passage
Connie Willis -- Remake
Timothy Zahn -- Vision of the Future

No one has been particularly annoying me about Harry Potter lately, for a change, so I figured that I'd pick up the first one so that I have it around to read when I feel like I can stomach it. It looks like Moran may be a writer that I really like, but I'll try this one and see if I like it before rushing off to get all of the rest.

I'm still missing a fair number of books by Connie Willis, but I think I have all the major ones at this point.

There are a few short story collections in this mix for a change. I've been reading novels pretty much exclusively for a long time, and I used to really enjoy the occasional short story, so I'm going to try mixing things up a bit more.

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That's quite a list. Of the ones there, I've read:

Coraline (enjoyed quite a bit)
HPatSS (Weakest of the series, but necessary for the others and worth the read)
Mirrorshades (Uneven but overall worth it)
Vision of the Future (Eh)

Okay, so I'm not as good a reviewer as some, but I'm qickly read!

Posted by Mason at 2004-04-23 18:17

China Mieville called the Potter series `deeply mediocre', a description I agree with.

The best by far is the fourth book: a nice complicated plot and getting dark and gritty, with the possibility of some truly complex plotting in the fourth and hints of conspiracies.

Then she threw it all away again in the fifth book.

I don't think I'll be reading the sixth.

Posted by Nix at 2004-06-09 11:38

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