Book shipment

Just got a new book shipment in from Powell's. Mmm, lots more good books to read, and I have more shipments coming on top of this. I should take a vacation to just sit around and read fiction for a while.

Anyway, here it is:

Iain M. Banks -- Consider Phlebas
Iain M. Banks -- Use of Weapons
Gregory Benford -- Timescape
Ray Bradbury -- The Martian Chronicles
C. J. Cherryh -- The Morgaine Saga
C. J. Cherryh -- The Chanur Saga
Carol Emshwiller -- The Mount
Willian Gibson and Bruce Sterling -- The Difference Engine
Jack McDevitt -- The Engines of God
Robin McKinley -- The Blue Sword
Pat Murphy -- The Falling Woman
R. A. Salvatore -- Homeland
Robert J. Sawyer -- The Terminal Experiment
Karl Schroeder -- Permanence
George R. Stewart -- Earth Abides
Walter Jon Williams -- Aristoi
Jack Vance -- The Dying Earth

I'm buying books much faster than I'm finishing them, lately.

Posted: 2004-04-11 20:01 — Why no comments?

nice, nice haul, *grin*. and yeah, take some time off and read! it'll be good for ya.

Posted by piranha at 2004-04-12 01:31

It will be interesting to see what you think of Cherryh's Chanur saga. I remember that you found Downbelow Station a bit claustrophobic (which was actually one of the things I liked about it). Chanur is even moreso, in my opinion.

And if you enjoy The Dying Earth then I would recommend Cugel's Saga, also by Vance. I found it hilarious and even to this day my speech is sprinkled with Cugelisms.

Posted by Dean Edmonds at 2004-04-12 04:42

I fear that Vance didn't turn my crank, although I don't know if the later books in that series would more than the first. Probably won't find out any time soon, though, given how much else there is to read.

Yeah, I'm going to be very curious to see what I think of Chanur. So far, Cherryh is 1 for 2.5; I adored Cyteen, Downbelow Station didn't do very much for me, and neither did The Tree of Swords and Jewels but I've now realized that it's not the first book of the series and I'd probably do better by starting at the beginning.

Posted by eagle at 2004-04-12 23:09

Ah, _Use of Weapons_. An excellent excellent work: probably Banks's best SF work, battling it out with _Inversions_ and _Excession_, I think.

Posted by Nix at 2004-06-09 11:13

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