Some administrative notes

Well, changing the comment settings gave me a reprieve, but the spammers started coming back in ones and twos, so I finally upgraded MT, grabbed the blacklist plugin, and installed it. That should help quite a bit; we'll see if that will be enough. It probably will be, since it also provides a bulk delete.

I should probably go remove the banned IP address ranges at some point now that I have that installed.

I've also closed the review of The DaVinci Code to further comments, since this is my personal journal and not a debate forum for religion, I'm a little tired of the Christian religious fanatics and their superstitious nonsense, and I doubt anything relevant to the actual review is going to show up. I also closed the note about Progress Quest to further comments and deleted the last couple because I'm not particularly interested in hosting comments by people who can neither understand a joke nor be civil. Figures that anything mentioning an MMORPG even in the context of a joke would bring out people who don't understand how to have an adult conversation.

Despite the snippy tone, I'm actually in a pretty good mood. It just amazes me sometimes how many people there are on-line who contribute nothing other than pollution.

Posted: 2004-04-04 17:58 — Why no comments?

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