INN 2.4.1

Thanks to a kick in the pants from a discovered security issue, I've finally gotten INN 2.4.1 out the door. Damned buffer exploits. I'd love it if INN were written in some language other than C that I already knew well and that didn't have that problem but was still reasonably fast, but getting there from here is rather hard.

Anyway, you can get it from the ISC ftp server and the documentation is on my software page as normal. At some point I should really set up a separate web site just for INN that the INN maintainers can easily update.

This is a security release, so anyone running INN 2.4.0 or a recent STABLE snapshot needs to upgrade. Anyone running CURRENT needs to upgrade to today's snapshot. INN 2.3.x and earlier are not affected.

Posted: 2004-01-07 23:32 — Why no comments?

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