Less Moore

This is not, in fact, a journal entry to note that by and large judges still respect the law and don't think highly of their colleagues who don't, regardless of the reason. Although that's pretty cool. But lots of people are talking about that, and I don't have anything particularly perspicacious to add.

However, seen in the discussion of the thorough and impressive spanking of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (do read the actual opinion if you have a chance -- yes, that's amusingly a link to FOX News) is the following line:

"Greg Sealy, head of the Sitting at His Feet Fellowship in Montgomery"

Really, I have nothing that I can add to that.

Posted: 2003-11-13 19:10 — Why no comments?

The title of this entry reminds me of a, possibly apocryphal, epitaph I read as a child:

Here lies the body of Lester Moore,
Shot in head with a fourty-four.
No Les, no Moore.

Posted by Dean Edmonds at 2003-11-24 00:31

as i remember....

here lies lester moore
four slugs from a forty four
no les no more

Posted by r davidson at 2005-04-05 13:51

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