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Many of you have probably already seen this since it was on Slashdot, but for those of you who haven't, I think this is really cool. Joey Hess, who's one of the Debian developers, keeps his whole home directory in CVS.

I keep lots of things in CVS, but I've never gone that far. I do solve the skeleton file problem that he talks about using a little utility that pushes my configuration files out from a CVS-monitored directory, but my home directories tend to be different on different systems.

I don't think I'd want to go as far as this, but it's worth thinking about a little bit. The backup properties really are nice.

Posted: 2003-11-11 21:52 — Why no comments?

oh! (not reading slashdot right now, reading salon instead, *heh*.) that's a really cool idea, and it's never occurred to me.

Posted by piranha at 2003-11-12 01:21

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