I'm having an excellent week for sustained productivity, which is particular excellent since it's not actually been one of those weeks where I wake up with tons of ideas about what I want to do that day. I've actually not really been that "on" in terms of having ideas just flow off my fingertips, but I've been able to focus and work through things one at a time and still accomplish a lot.

ImageMagick 5.5.7 simply doesn't want to build on Tru64 with GCC 3.3.1; it spews tons of unaligned access errors and display appears to not actually work. I'm going to give up for the release next week and just leave the old version linked in for Tru64; I'm tired of fighting with it. But it's done on every other platform, which means that I'm ready for next week's release apart from doing all the posting of announcements, the actual releases, and the final release checking.

Which reminds me -- must submit a change management request.

The metrics code is now done and the first example application, parsing Cyrus IMAP logs and generating statistics from those, seems to be working great. Next comes documentation of all of the infrastructure and methods and putting together some sort of web site explaining the project (which means I should figure out how to make spin talk the ITSS project web page templates instead of just the production service ones).

A script for (mostly) automatically processing DMCA complaints is almost done, which will take some load off the security folks. I just need to do final testing.

Maybe I'll take most of next week off, since I seem to be doing the work of two weeks in this week.

Posted: 2003-09-10 22:04 — Why no comments?

I'm afraid that I never found a solution; I haven't gotten back to this problem at all. I don't know what the problem could be, unless it's some sort of a 64-bit alignment issue (that's my guess), in which case it's an ImageMagick source bug.

Posted by eagle at 2003-12-23 17:30

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