Catching up

After a great deal of company lately, not to mention some significant distractions (Soul Calibur II isn't really a new game so much as the 2.0 version of the previous Soul Calibur game for the Dreamcast, but it's still a fantastic game), this weekend was a catch-up weekend. Both on various domestic chores (lots of laundry to do) and on sleep, as I spent significant portions of both Saturday and Sunday dozing in front of the television.

There was a lot of really good tennis at the end of the U.S. Open, and now football season has started so there's more to watch on the weekends again. I never have been much of a baseball fan. I also have a ton of things recorded on the TiVo to catch up on, of course.

All pending messages in ietf-nntp and have been dealt with and various INN documentation and FAQ updates have been made. I have a small bit of programming I want to do and then INN 2.4.1 should be pretty much ready to release. WebAuth 3.2.1 has also been ready to go for a while, so that will likely be out soon.

Not a lot of reading has happened lately apart from reading my regular on-line news sites (Excite, Slashdot, and Salon). I'm still working on The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson, which is going rather slowly.

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