Sports Night

Sabre got me hooked on this show, and I'm still grateful. After watching the first DVD from Sabre's copy, I ordered the complete collection, and I'm currently through the first four discs.

For those who haven't heard of it, Sports Night is the show that Aaron Sorkin did before West Wing. Marketed as a comedy, it isn't really. It's more a slice of life drama inhabited by lots of snarky people who are extremely good at banter (rather like West Wing, but with less important things going on in the background). It's extremely good. It has the same sort of cast magic that West Wing has, is frequently hilarious, and is always highly entertaining. And is good training in banter to boot.

It only ran two seasons, which means that the complete collection of every episode is rather inexpensive. Highly, highly recommended.

Posted: 2003-06-19 18:02 — Why no comments?

i don't know how much more training in banter you should get... *innocent look*

Posted by piranha at 2003-06-19 19:31

Shoe money tonight!

Posted by Sabre at 2003-06-19 20:32

Will you stop saying that?

Posted by Mason at 2003-06-20 17:28

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