More bogofilter

I'm extremely happy with this. It's performing significantly better than my old rules were for much less effort. So far, in the days of use I've put it to, there have been no false positives whatsoever, and only three false negatives. (Two of which were spam through the Kerberos bug submission interface, which is going to be a bit harder to train.)

The delay in registering spam with Bogofilter has turned out not to bother me at all. It's actually kind of fun to think that the system is accumulating more information about spam and how to detect it.

My only (minor) worry is that I'm not feeding enough legitimate mail through it. I apply my spam filtering rules so late in the game that the mail that reaches the filtering is about 90% spam. But at least so far that doesn't seem to be skewing the results.

Posted: 2003-06-08 16:24 — Why no comments?

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