Minor layout fiddling

The category of posts is now noted in the footer. Eventually I want to generate category indices and then link the categories to those, but I'll save that for another day when I feel like doing more substantial things. I've also added the recent comments to the sidebar (in a smaller font so they don't wrap all the time); thanks, piranha, for the idea!

I've also added some notifications; this is in part a test to see how they look and whether they work properly. :)

Posted: 2003-06-07 18:23 — Why no comments?

Hm. Answer is, no, they don't. (And why is the font now huge when entering comments? Is that my local problem or something wrong with the style sheet?)

I wonder if entries posted via XML don't get notifications. The setting of the topic also doesn't update the front index. That's disappointing.

Posted by eagle at 2003-06-07 18:26

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